Interesting Art on Union Square in San Francisco

The Artists Guild San Francisco have been exhibiting local artists on the Union Square plaza during the months of September and October 2011. When visiting this area of the city, I came upon this artist, named Lisa Feather Knee and felt her art was visually appealing and enjoyed the broadness of her visual perception.

I thought her use of the “negative,” space was inspiring though I often feel uncomfortable or anxious when I paint too much empty space. I’m not sure why this is the case. I hope you enjoy the sites!. Sheldon…


Published by: Sheldon Chase Art

My name is Sheldon Chase and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog is intended to put my artwork on a larger platform (i.e., on the internet) and also a way to connect with other art lovers and other artists as well to collaborate and to generate a dialogue in the creation of art. I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and have done two styles mainly: Contemporary (abstract artwork) and also portraits. I find both styles intriguing and valuable. I hope you enjoy my site. Sheldon

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