Preparation of an art show

The new art show is scheduled for this December and January in Arcata and I’m preparing to paint the latest panel piece (the image is from a photograph printed in black and white).

I’m repainting this 10 piece panel which was originally done in black and white or monochromatic a year ago and I had sent the pieces off to an art show in Hong Kong at a gallery called the THAT Gallery. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pieces mailed back to me and they are somewhere in China. If any one finds them, please get in contact with me. (Joking).

I also want to introduce the readers of this blog to another artist I’ve come across. I enjoyed looking at his art in SF and he actually gave me words of encouragement to keep using acrylic paints to do portraits (which have traditionally only been done in oil). His name is Tucky and his site is here! Enjoy!


Published by: Sheldon Chase Art

My name is Sheldon Chase and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog is intended to put my artwork on a larger platform (i.e., on the internet) and also a way to connect with other art lovers and other artists as well to collaborate and to generate a dialogue in the creation of art. I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and have done two styles mainly: Contemporary (abstract artwork) and also portraits. I find both styles intriguing and valuable. I hope you enjoy my site. Sheldon

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