Have been hanging in Las Vegas


This blog has been technically dead from a lack of posts. I apologize for this and have just renewed by subscription so I better do something with it, right? In the past few months, I’ve made an effort to hang a piece albeit small sized pieces of art at the Las Vegas Artists Guild Gallery. The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Arts Factory building. I’ll try to post some pictures I took from my previous hangings. The woman who coordinates the gallery (sorry I didn’t catch your name) mentioned how “small,” my art has been so far. I wonder if this means something beyond the physical size of the framed works? Anyway, I will try to pick up the posts and make this venture worthwhile. I’m sure you’ve heard this before.



Published by: Sheldon Chase Art

My name is Sheldon Chase and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog is intended to put my artwork on a larger platform (i.e., on the internet) and also a way to connect with other art lovers and other artists as well to collaborate and to generate a dialogue in the creation of art. I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and have done two styles mainly: Contemporary (abstract artwork) and also portraits. I find both styles intriguing and valuable. I hope you enjoy my site. Sheldon

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