Edge Show Application and Denial: I feel Great!!

Dear Sheldon Chase,


I sincerely regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the 2016 Indian Market EDGE show.  There were a large number of applicants and the quality of artwork that is submitted to SWAIA for consideration is very high.  This creates an extremely competitive jurying process and due to space limitations we cannot accept all applicants.


I just received my denial letter from the representatives of the 2016 Indian Market EDGE show. I applied to this show after I heard about it from my partner in California. I was probably more enthusiastic about the thought of an event like  the “contemporary art show,” occurring for the now the second time.  I’ve been denied art show appearances before in my time doing Juried shows in Humboldt County. I think my average was for every two applications I would get accepted once. I wasn’t disappointed by the decision because I had only one photograph professionally done while the other two I had to submit myself by using the backyard as my backdrop. This letter continues and the writer was very positive and encouraged me to submit again next year. So I will consider it again and to also submit good photographs representing my artwork in the best possible light. The bigger story though is Contemporary Artwork is now coming of age and entering the mainstream including this age old Indian Market Festival in Santa Fe!

All  the best.


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