Viva Las Vegas!!

I attended the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art reception on March 10th. Here is a link to the photographs of the show. If you go through the images, a picture of my painting “Awaiting,” appears next to three others. “Awaiting,” is a painting which was completed approximately two years ago and I’ve shown it four times publicly.

Also, a few posts ago, I photographed images around the Navajo reservation and mentioned the wheat paste images. Anyway, my sis gave the head’s up and told me who was doing it and I got his name and information here: (This is his blog and he also has a website for his photography). My mother supposedly knows him too. (Small World). Mr. Chip Thomas, the artist, also has a link to Doze Green’s site and makes reference to John Coltrane (two of my heroes too). SC (Enjoy)


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