Alone with Anna: The Show That Could’ve Happened

Composite (Alone with Anna)

Please click on link and you’ll see what would’ve happened and might still happen.

Approximately three years ago, I was working on a series of paintings focused on one model and the title was “Alone with Anna.” I had also wrote a sort of short story to go along as a way to describe each piece. Unfortunately, the business I was to exhibit the show had closed. Luckly, I have this image which was created by the model herself, Donica. Thanks, Donica! I do think it was an awesome assemblage of the paintings.



Published by: Sheldon Chase Art

My name is Sheldon Chase and I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog is intended to put my artwork on a larger platform (i.e., on the internet) and also a way to connect with other art lovers and other artists as well to collaborate and to generate a dialogue in the creation of art. I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and have done two styles mainly: Contemporary (abstract artwork) and also portraits. I find both styles intriguing and valuable. I hope you enjoy my site. Sheldon

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One thought on “Alone with Anna: The Show That Could’ve Happened”

  1. Hello Sheldon, it’s Karen at the Big Blue Cafe seeing if you are ready to display your art? I know we scheduled Dec. and Jan., but I have empty walls now and was wondering if you could come early? Never the less, I can’t wait. Your work is beautiful. Sincerely, Karen 845-6740 cell.

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